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Monday 25 March 2019
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St Orfeto - A Mysterious Roman Legionary

The small church dedicated to St Orfeto, a Roman legionary who presumably converted to Christianity at some point in his life, stands on a hillock that commands excellent views towards Monte Subasio and Monte Tezio, not far from the village of San Marco at the meeting point between the roads that come from Monte Pacciano and Monte dei Conservoni. The earliest mention of this place is in documents from 1163. But it is not mentioned as a place of worship until 1555. In 1576 Sant’Orfeto was incorporated into the parish of San Marco and by 1700 the church that had once stood here no longer existed. Another church was erected on the same spot in 1932 and underwent restoration in 1944 to repair damages inflicted by bombing during the Second World War. The building we see today is rectangular, measuring 10.6 by 6.5 metres, built in local stone with redbrick decorations.

A small bell tower stands above the simple roof of the building. The facade is adorned with a small rose window paned in coloured glass, a terracotta plaque bearing the date "1616" and a marble slab. Two boundary stones stand either side of the road that comes from munt Conservoni and are marked with the letters "A P". Since the church was rebuilt a fete is held here annually that has developed over the years into a strange mixture of sacred and profane celebrations characteristic of so many peasant festivities.

Those interested in staying overnight in the area should try the Agriturismo la Torre rosa strada Conservoni 5 San Marco Perugia, tel. (+39)075.40.250.

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