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Saturday 18 May 2024
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Jubilee Feast of the Holy Crucifix: dates back to 1816 and includes religious celebrations, cultural and recreational events. Every 25 years for roughly a week.

Carnival: parade of allegorical carts through the streets of Magione, along with the “Toni” mask symbolising the town's inhabitants and administrators that is burnt instead of the real evil-doers.

Dead Christ Procession: on Good Friday through the streets lit up by fires, a procession in which all the participants are hooded and chained at the feet, carrying a crucifix on their shoulder

Segalavecchia: a pagan origin play performed on a travelling cart, half way through Lent.

Feast of St Anthony (June 13th): afternoon mass (now celebrated on the Sunday nearest the feast day) followed by a procession, blessing of cattle and recreational activities. Some of these such as the Cuccagna tree, the sack race, the tug of war and the jug game are no longer organised.

Magionestate: week-long summer festival that includes cultural, folkloristic and local gastronomical events. Two sporting events, the corsa dei Carrettini and the corsa dei Gioghi complete the week.

Feast of St John the Baptist (June 24th): religious functions, bonfires to ward off demons and witches and ablutions with the saint's holy and flower-scented water through the night of June 23rd and 24th

Feast of the Nativity of Mary (September 8th): mass and Sunday procession in commemoration of the 1565 victory over the Turks by the Knights of Malta in defence of their island.

Feast of St Clement (November 23rd), patron saint of Magione.

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