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Saturday 18 May 2024
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Olio del Trasimeno

The local cooking is still very much influenced by the use of local produce such as extra-virgin oil from the Trasimene hills
The particularly delicate, almost sweet taste of this oil makes it ideal as a taste-adding ingredient or just by itself.


Local speciality dishes includemarinated and fried Agoni, fish soup, gli Catfish with asparagus ravioli, luccio gnocchi and Tegamaccio.
Legendary dishes of the past that are no longer inuse include Macco con le Lasche and the Zuppa coi ovi della regina

Ristorante tipico

Local desserts include Torcolo della Nonna, with Vino Santo.

The local D.O.C. white and red wines of the Trasimene hills are an ideal accompaniment to any local meal.


Catfish with asparagus ravioli and marjoram

Tronchetti di pesce gatto
Peel the asparagus with a potato peeler, boil them in salted water and then fry them with oil, garlic, marjoram, pig skin, salt and pepper. Add grated parmesan cheese and work into a thick mixture. Prepare the egg pasta dough for the ravioli, cut it into discs and fill it with the asparagus paste.
For the sauce, cook some carrot, onion, celery, vinegar and the catfish heads for five minutes over high heat in a pan with oil. Add some tomato and broth and blend. cut the catfish into segments, take off the scales and boil in salted water. Cook them in the sauce, with some added marjoram. Line an oven dish with slices of tomato and place the ravioli, covering them with butter and parmesan. Place the dish in the oven. Turn the sauce into the plate, invert the oven dish and serve accompanied by the slices of catfish and a fresh, well-spiced salad.

catfish 500 gr, egg pasta 300 gr, asparagus 350 gr, 2 garlic segments, marjoram 40 gr, 1 slice of pig skin, parmesan 100 gr, carrots-celery-onion 60 gr, vinegar 20 cc., tomatoes 300 gr, vegetable broth 100 cc., butter 20 gr, aromatic salad 120 gr, oil and salt.

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