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Tuesday 3 October 2023
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Events in San Gemini

San Gemini Summer features a variety of events of which the most important is the San Gemini World Music Festival.

Esibizione degli sbandieratori
Giostra dell'Arme: a historical re-evocation that begins in the last weekend of September and ends the second Sunday of October . Local taverns serving specialities open and the town is decorated with the colours of the two ‘rioni’, or districts (red and blue for Rocca and white and green for Piazza). A number of Medieval-style events including the “offerta dei ceri”, the investiture of the knights and the historical parade. The event culminates in a joust where three knights from each ‘rione’ compete to run their lance through a 5-centimentre diameter ring, and then fix it at a gallop into a coat of arms. The winning ‘rione’ gets the silver "palio".
The San Gemini flag throwers perform during the event.

The Infiorata Sangeminese takes place on the Corpus Domini feast, in June. Competitors create intricate decorative patterns and figures on the street where the procession passes, using only flowers.

The Mascia Masin national piano competition takes place at the end of October and is open to young pianists. Divided into categories: A is for those born after 1990 through to F for those born after 1970. The Mascia Masin prize is awarded to pianists born after 1968. This competition has attracted a number of pianists from all over the world in recent editions.
Associazione Musicale "Mascia Masin"
località sede: 05029 San Gemini (TR)
address: Via 1° Maggio, 4
telephone: 0744331584
fax: 0744630172

The San Gemini - Carsulae walking race takes place on the last Sunday in October and attracts participants of all ages and athletic level. The race has two tracks, one of 2.5 kilometres and the other of 12 kilometres.

Teatro in Musica theatre competition: open to primary and elementary schools from all over Italy. Every year in April.

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