- Ceramic and Contemporary Art at Torre Strozzi [RUNNING NOW]
Perugia. From June 20th to August 22nd the Torre Strozzi arts and cultural centre will be running a show of original works by painters, graphic artists, photographers and sculptors who have used ceramic pieces made in Deruta in their works. ... [more]

- Terracotta Whistles on Show in Marsciano [RUNNING NOW]
Marsciano (Pg). From April 25th to August 29th the Museo Dinamico del Laterizio e delle Terracotte in Palazzo Pietromarchi will be running the show entitled Il fischio del gallo – Mostra di fischietti in terracotta.
Comune di Marsciano - tel. 075.8747247/41. ... [more]

- Giotto's True Colours [RUNNING NOW]
Assisi (Pg). From April 10th to September 5th visitors to Assisi will be able to take advantage of an exceptional opportunity to acquaint themselves close up with the frescoes of Giotto in the Basilica of St Francis’, both as they are now and through digital reconstructions of as they looked when they were painted. Visitors to the Lower Basilica will have access to the scaffolding erected for the restoration of the Giotto frescoes in the San Nicola chapel and watch the restorers at work, with the same ticket also valid for a tour of the Monte Frumentario exhibition space in Via San Francesco. The Monte Frumentario will present a show comprising some 80 works loaned from Italian and international collections, all focussing on the legacy of Giotto, alongside digital reproductions of the Upper Basilica frescoes as they would have looked at the time they were painted.

The Comune di Assisi has inaugurated a detailed road sign network indicating all the various places in the vicinity where the works of Giotto can be admired.

Info: 06 692050220-258 - cell. 348-8535647. ... [more]

- Steve McCurry in Perugia [RUNNING NOW]
Perugia. The highly acclaimed American photographer Steve McCurry will be showing his works in the Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria from April 11th to September 5th following the success of his Milan show which attracted over 120,000 visitors.
Info: 06 692050220-258. ... [more]

- Dimore di San Crispino - Benvenuto Gattolin [RUNNING NOW]
Assisi (Pg). The Dimore di San Crispino series of exhibitions devoted to emerging and established contemporary artists continues with the open air sculptures of Veneto-born artist Benvenuto Gattolin. The venirssage has been scheduled for June 3rd with drinks, dinner and music.
Info: 075.8043257. ... [more]

- Umbria's Religious Centres at the Pro Civitate Christiana [RUNNING NOW]
Assisi (Pg). A collection of black and white as well as colour photographs of some of Umbria's most magical monastic buildings will run at the Pro Civitate Christiana temporary exhibition centre from April 3rd to November 30th with the title I luoghi dello Spirito: ricerca fotografica sulla religiosità in Umbria.
Info: 075 813231. ... [more]

- Museo della Canapa in Sant’Anatolia di Narco [RUNNING NOW]
Sant’Anatolia di Narco (Pg) . With the aim of studying, preserving and exploiting the traditional knowledge and popular heritage of Umbria, the Museo della Canapa in Sant'Anatolia di Narco extends over two levels within the former Palazzo Comunale. The first floor is dedicated to topics concerning cultivation, maceration and use of hemp for textiles, both in mountain and lowland terrain. Floor two of the museum covers the various procedures preparatory to weaving and includes a section devoted to the special kinds of traditional looms used for this. Guided tours in Italian and other foreign languages can be booked in advance and may be extended to include points of interest in the whole town.
Info: tel. 0743/613149. ... [more]

- Dimore di San Crispino - Luigi Virili [RUNNING NOW]
Assisi (Pg). The Dimore di San Crispino series of shows devoted to established and emerging contemporary artists will end with Luigi Virili on October 7th. The vernissage will be accompanied by drinks, dinner and music.
Info: 075.8043257. ... [more]

- Multi-Scene Nativity Crib on Permanent Display in Collevalenza [RUNNING NOW]
Todi (Pg). From December 1st 2009 to December 31st 2010 the Sanctuary of the Amore Misericordioso in Collevalenza will keep its multi-scene Nativity Crib open to the public, from 9am-12.30pm and from 3 to 6.30pm.
Info: 075.8958282. ... [more]

- Lake Trasimene Fishing Museum [RUNNING NOW]
Magione (Pg). Divided into four sections named after the four moments of the day that mark the work of fishermen, this permanent display documents the history of fishing on Lake Trasimene through the centuries, once this area's prime source of sustenance. Info: 075.8479.261, e-mail museodellapesca@tiscali.it. ... [more]

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