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THEMATIC HOLIDAYS - Umbria With the Kids: Perugia’s Città della Domenica

With over 40 hectares of grounds within easy reach of central Perugia, the Città della Domenica at Monte Pulito is a must for parents with their children in need of fresh air and in search of relief from city life.

The park contains an abundant assortment of free ranging wildlife, from deer to roebuck, a section devoted to African wildlife with lions, bison, zebras, as well as yaks, lamas, dromedaries, macaques, ostriches, flamingos and crested cranes.

Visitors also have access to the reproduction centre – one of the largest in Italy – where a number of endangered reptiles are kept and studied. These include pythons, albino cobras, iguanas and alligators. Part of a nationwide Italian organisation of zoological gardens and aquariums, the Città della Domenica meets the standards of contemporary zoos, which aim to protect endangered species for study and educational purposes.

The world of imagination is also a major part of the Città della Domenica, with children free to meet real life fairy tale characters such as Pinocchio, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and Little Red Riding Hood. The more boisterous will find plenty of action at the Apache Fort, the Horse of Troy or the Sleeping Beauty Castle. Alternatively there is the plastic ball swimming bowl, horse riding,, the chance to explore Moby Dick’s tummy, the Space Station and a host of other attractions.

Among the attractions for which visitors will be asked an extra charge over and above the simple entrance ticket are the children’s riding school, the go-kart track, the speed boat pool, archery, videogames, the inflatable section and the structure’s restaurants.

2009 openings:

Monday-Friday: 10am-6pm (entrance doors close at 4.30pm)

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays + the entire month of August: 9.30am-7pm (entrance doors close at 5.30pm).

Address: Via Col di Tenda 140 - Perugia

Tel: 075 - 5054941
Fax: 075 - 5054942

Adults: Standard fare: 14 €
Children aged 4-10: Reduction 10 €
Free entrance:
Disabiled persons
Children under 4

- Along the A1 motorway southbound exit at Valdichiana and follow signs for Perugia. Exit the highway at Perugia-Madonna Alta.

- Along the A1 motorway northbound exit at Orte and follow signs for Terni-Perugia. Turn off onto the E-45 highway for Perugia and exit at Perugia-Madonna Alta.

Città della Domenica - Spagnolia S.r.l. Via Col di Tenda 140 - 06125 Perugia (from the Madonna Alta exit follow signs to Ferro di Cavallo - Stadio R. Curi) Tel & Fax 075 50 54 941 - 2

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