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SPORT - Umbria by Bike

As part of a broader inter-regional programme of encouraging cycling tourism across Italy, in February 2008 the Regione Umbria presented its "L'Umbria in bicicletta: 30 itinerari per scoprire il Cuore Verde d'Italia su due ruote"* guide that comprises a total of 30 bicycle itineraries of varying difficulty levels.

Below you will find synopsis of each itinerary. Anyone interested in enjoying their biking holiday in Umbria to the fullest is strongly advised to access the Regione Umbria website for more detailed descriptions.

LOW DIFFICULTY LEVEL: suitable even for beginners, these itineraries are largely over flat terrain and from between 20 to 30 kilometres long.
1. The hills between Lake Trasimene and Tuscany
2. Along the Tiber basin
3. Corciano and environs
4. Wine and ceramics between the Chiascio and the Tiber
5. Bevagna
6. The olive ride between Assisi and Spello
7. Among the Roman remains at Carsulae
8. Along the Valle Umbra cycling track
9. Lake Piediluco and the Marmore Falls
10. The WWF nature sanctuary by the Tiber
MEDIUM DIFFICULTY LEVEL: between 30 and 60 kilometres long, over terrain with no excessively steep rises or descents.
1. The woods and meadows of the Upper Tiber Valley
2. The shores of Lake Trasimene
3. Perugino’s hills
4. Fortified hamlets and castles in the Upper Tiber Valley
5. Gubbio and environs
6. Gualdo Tadino and the surrounding hills
7. Montefalco and the Sagrantino Wine Trail
8. Todi and the Monti Martani
9. Amelia and the Colli Amerini
10. Narni and the Roman remains of Otricoli
HIGH DIFFICULTY LEVEL: for well trained, expert bikers, these itineraries are at least 65 kilometres long and, given that they include steep gradients in some cases, are indicated for athletes in good physical shape.
1. From the Tiber to Lake Trasimene
2. The Apennines on the borders between Umbria and the Marche
3. Assisi and environs
4. Nocera Umbra and the Colfiorito plateau
5. The Nestore basin and Mount Peglia
6. Spoleto and the Monti Martani
7. The Valnerina
8. The plateau of Castelluccio di Norcia
9. Città della Pieve and Orvieto
10. From Orvieto to Todi
(*) The "L’Umbria in Bicicletta: 30 itinerari per scoprire il Cuore Verde d’Italia su due ruote" guide is available free of charge by filling in the form at the following address:

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