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nascosta2 - Umbria ternana Carnival events

The area around Terni is bristling with a number of Carnival events that are much loved by the local population. Just about every village and town in the area has organised some sort of party or night time revelry on either Shrove Tuesday or Thursday. And the celebrations don't just include children... some are for adults.

The actual origins of Carnival are not proven, although many believe the celebrations to be a derivation of the celebrations in honour of the god Saturn, over 2000 years ago, when it was permitted to violate the social regulations. Since this time of year was often a time for getting back at people for what they had done to you at other times, it was necessary to wear a mask.

And masks will certainly be abounding in the area around Terni, we hope without too many pending accounts settled... With its Carnevale in Diligenza, Acquasparta is the Carnival centre of the Terni region along with the well known procession in Guardea. Perhaps the best suited event for children in the area is the procession in Montecastrilli, with its carts and games. Almost all the celebrations end on Shrove Tuesday.

Acquasparta (Tr)
Il Carnevale.. in diligenza

Allerona (Tr)
Children's Carnival and all-night party

Amelia loc. Porchiano del Monte (Tr)
Games, shows and masks

Castel Giorgio (Tr)
Carnival at Castel Giorgio

Fabro (Tr)
Allegorical carts at Fabro

Guardea (Tr)
Procession of carts through the town

Montecastrilli (Tr)
Masks at Montecastrilli

Montegabbione (Tr)
The Carnival of Montegabbione

Monteleone di Orvieto (Tr)
Masked Party

Orvieto (Tr)
Procession in the square

Porano (Tr)
Children's Carnival

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