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SPORT - Rafting

Although a relatively recent sport, rafting enthusiasts guarantee that the thrill and excitement of rafting are unrivalled, combining the sheer speed of descending rapids on an inflatable dinghy with unforgettable views and a sense of being truly immersed in nature. Rafting also has the added advantage of requiring little training, making it perfectly suited to individuals and families with little time to spare before launching off into the water and enjoying the experience to the full. No particular skills are required, in fact, save an overall good state of health, being able to swim and bearing in mind a few essential safety instructions. Equipment – diving suit, lifejacket and helmet – are generally provided by the rafting centre and you will be accompanied by a qualified guide during your descent, so all you really need to concentrate on is having fun.

Suitable sections of rapids that are ideal for rafting include parts of the Corno and the Nera rivers, between the Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini and the Marmore Falls. In the Province of Terni, the Nera boasts a three kilometre long section of rapids, with the waters gushing impetuously among the rocks to form a fourth grade difficulty level framed by luxuriant vegetation. Beginners still finding their feet or those who are unable to swim may well opt for the Nera River Park between Ferentillo and Arrone, where a twelve kilometre long section of the river offers easier and more relaxed rafting possibilities.

The Corno, with its deep waters running through steep karst ravines, is also an ideal stretch of water for rafting. Sections such as the narrow Stretta di Biselli, where the water is channelled tight into a violently frothing rapid, guarantees both dramatic scenery and an electrifying descent. Along a number of sections it is also possible to do hydro speed, where you let yourself be carried by the water as you cling on to a kind of plastic bob structure.

Useful addresses:

A.S. Gaia - Via Cristoforo Colombo 1/a, 06034 - Foligno (PG)

Centro Canoa e Rafting Le Marmore - Via Carlo Neri 05037 - Papigno (TR) Belvedere Inferiore Cascata delle Marmore - Terni Fax 06/86212249

Pangea - Piazza del Mercato - Scheggino (PG) 348/7711170 Fax 06/30887490

La Mulattiera - Soc. Coop. Norcia (PG) 0743/816361

Itineraria - Via S. Anna, 2 - 06038 Spello (PG) 0742/302301

Centro Rafting & kayak "Fiume Corno" - Serravalle di Norcia 0742/23146

"La Mongolfiera" Soc. Coop. a r.l. - Soc. Velino, Piediluco (TR) Fax. 06.233219324
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