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nascosta2 - Carnival year festivities around Perugia

Perugia CarnivalMany villages and towns in the area are getting ready for what is undoubtedly the most colourful moment of the year. This year's Carnival runs from February 7th to 28th 2004 and will, as usual, feature a variety of masked events. Some traditions have remained the same for centuries and include all-night parties such as that of the Ceri at Gubbio. For the 'Cicolo', bands of masked villagers go from house to house in a kind of Italian derivation of the 'trick or treat' common at Christmas in northern Europe. To round off the Carnival festive season with a bang, the 'San Simino' mannequin is brought by hooded bearers and then burnt in the town square. In the past, the Carnival season was a time when social conventions were abandoned. Rich and poor alike would dress up, hiding their true identity in a perverse switching game that frequently resulted in a complete inversion of the normal social structure.

The Baroque Carnival of Foligno is a modern day but interesting evocation of the Carnival celebrations that used to take place here centuries ago. The Carnival celebrations at Spoleto are now in their 176th year, transforming the Medieval chill of this grand city's streets into a kaleidoscope of colour. Much has been made of organising events for children. And for the real Carnival aficionados there is a nocturnal Carnival procession.

The traditional Carnival at the castle of Sant'Eraclio features a number of allegorical carts processing through the streets to the sound of music and followed by dancing thematic masks.

Although almost all the celebrations end on Shrove Tuesday, some continue through to February 28th.

Assisi (Pg)
All-night dancing with orchestra

Foligno (Pg)
Stimolo Generoso di Virtute
Baroque Carnival
Carnival procession around the castle
Guided tour to the workshops of the Carnival carts

Gubbio (Pg)
'Cicolo'.. the traditional Gubbio Carnival
Ceri all-night party
Gubbio children's Carnival

Norcia (Pg)
All-night party in Norcia... not just Carnival

Marsciano (Pg)
Events, Carnival cakes and other revelries at Marsciano
The 'San Simino' bonzo

Passignano sul Trasimeno (Pg)
All-night party on the lake

Perugia loc. San Sisto
25th San Sisto Carnival
Nocturnal procession of Carnival carts
Imaginative carts procession

Spoleto (Pg)
Children's Carnival
176th Spoleto Carnival
Carnival and St Valentine's in Spoleto

Trevi (Pg)
Carnival in the old town centre

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