Informazioni turistiche su nascosta2, Umbria

nascosta2 - A month of appointments for lovers of Umbrian oil extra-virgin

The month of November holds a vast amount of activities in store for those interested in acquainting themselves with Umbria’s best known product throughout the world – olive oil. But the host of initiatives running also aim to include gastronomy, the environment and the region’s unique culture, as well as its prized artistic heritage. Here is a selection of the main events:

Frantoi Aperti 2004 - a do-it-yourself discovery tour of the region’s oil producers who will be throwing the doors of their oileries open to visitors interested in tasting the year’s new oil. Over 20 producers, including some of the region’s main oil producing families, have adhered to the initiative, which promises well also in terms of illustrating traditional oil producing methods to the more curious. [on November 6-7]

The colours of oil - exhibitions, courses and guided tours to explore the prized oil of Trevi. There will also be an interesting section dedicated to the oil of Jordan, as this year’s Mediterranean country featured in the event.

Bread and oil at the oil mill …. in Spello - a journey into the heart of this extraordinary town and the oil it produces.

The oil vessel… of Massa Martana - an interesting insight into the delicious combinations between oil and local specialities, by bus to the area’s oil mills.

The fruits of autumn combined with the year’s new oil from Polvese - a lakeside trip by boat to the Polvese island in the centre of Lake Trasimene, to experience its oil.

The oil trails of Giano dell’Umbria - discovering the main product of this area of Umbria, also at the so-called and the Oil Grand Gala.

Art and DOP oil on the Sagrantino trail - sometimes better known for its production of Sagrantino wine, Montefalco will be offering its other face as one of the country’s leading olive oil producers, in a gluttonous combination with vegetables and wine.

A once-in-a-year chance to discover some of Umbria’s best-kept secrets, not to mention its ‘green gold’.

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