Informazioni turistiche su Alviano, Umbria

Alviano - Naturalistic Oasis of Alviano

Naturalistic WWF Oasis of Alviano
Il The Oasis of Alviano is placed at the border between Umbria and Lazio and it has an extension of around 900 hectares that includes the Communes of Alviano, Guardea, Montecchio and Civitella.
The fact that an obstruction of a river as the Tevere, above all finalized to the production of electric energy, can give rise to a marshy zone it is a rather rare event.
This has happened to Alviano, simply because the Enel exploits twice the water already used with the basin of Corbara.
The event has produced more than 500 hectares of swamp, lake, marshes and the presence of about 150 kinds of aquatic birds.
The area is an important station of food restocking for rare birds. Two "nature routes" have been built and equipped here, for a total of about four kilometres.
There are also well equipped places for the "birdwatching", towers, gangways and even an open-air classroom in the middle of the swamp.
WWF operators, that have the task to protect the area, are always willing to help the right fruition of the place without problem. The oasis is open to the public from September 1st to May 31st on Saturday and Sunday; in the other days, for organized groups or school groups only by booking.
(by Municipality of Terni)

Oasis Office
Madonna del Porto - Guardea
Tel. +39 0744903715

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