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WINE AND FOOD - List of Umbria’s traditional regional farming and food produce

Acting on Ministerial Decree no. 350 (concerning the list of Italy’s traditional food and farming produce, issued on September 8th 1999), on April 11th 2000 Umbria drew up a first list of such produce within its boundaries. The list includes all produce that “displays preparation, conservation and seasoning procedures consolidated through time according to local custom”.
Following the subsequent additions to the list (approved by directive on June 19th 2007 and published on issue no. 147 of the Gazzetta Ufficiale on June 27th) there are currently 70 registered food products grouped under the following seven different categories:

1. Meat (and innards), fresh or seasoned: capocollo | coglioni di mulo | coppa di testa | corallina or salame umbro | guanciale or barbozzo | lombetto | mazzafegati | porchetta | prosciutto nostrano | salame di Norcia | sausages | sanguinaccio | ventresca.
2. Condiments: olive paste | chicken innards pâté.
3. Cheeses: caciotta (classic and the truffle variety)* | formaggio (stuffed and mixed varieties)* | pecorino (of Norcia, Norcia del pastore, seasoned underground, in barrels, umbro)* | raviggiolo*.
4. Fresh pastas, bakery and confectionery produce: attorta | bringoli* | brustengolo | castagnole | ciaramicola | ciriole* | cresciole di ciccioli | crescionda | fave dei morti | mostaccioli | nociata | pammelati | pampepato | pan mostato | pan nociato | pane di Strettura | passatelli | pici* | pinoccate | pinolate | rocciata | cheese schiacciata | stinchetti | strangozzi* | strufoli | torciglione | torcolo di S. Costanzo | cheese or Easter pizza| torta al testo* | tozzetti | umbricelli*.
5. Preparations with fish, crustaceans and particular fish farming techniques: Trasimene eel| Trasimene carp| Trasimene atherina| Trasimene pike | Trasimene royal perch | Trasimene tench.
6. Natural or hybrid vegetable produce: broccoletti del lago | cicerchia | Cannara onion | fagiolina del lago | Cave beans | spelt (spelt and Monteleone spelt) | lentils| chestnuts| Colfiorito red potato | Trevi black celery | prized white truffles| prized black truffles| Cascia saffron
7. Animal produce (honey, dairy produce excluding butter): savoury ricotta*
(*) Produce for which derogation has been requested in order to comply with Article 8, comma 2 of EU decree 173/98 on food hygiene standards.

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