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SPORT - Horse Riding in Umbria

Besides being arguably the oldest form of locomotion known to mankind, riding is among the most complete all-round sports in terms of keeping the body fit and healthy. Beginners should bear in mind that you are not sitting on top of a machine and that a certain degree of confidentiality and sensitivity are needed when dealing with horses or ponies, however. In order to learn all the tricks for a smooth relationship with your ‘steed’, as well as to grasp the necessary technique for a healthy and pleasurable ride, it is important that you approach riding with the help of an instructor and come armed with a good deal of patience and humility.

Umbria is by no means lacking in qualified riding schools, not to mention the magnificent countryside and woods that offer virtually endless possibilities for varied and exciting outings. Alongside the region’s riding schools, many farmhouse residences also have their own stables and run riding lessons, so wherever you are in Umbria you can rest assured that you are no further than a fifteen minute car drive to a facility where you can ride from.

Prior booking is always a good idea, particularly if it is the first time you are using a particular school since you will not be allowed to take horses out on your own until the instructors have an idea of your level of riding experience.

Useful addresses:

Centri Ippici in Umbria

A.C. Ranch
Voc. Ceceraio, 297/F –
06056 Massa Martana (PG)
tel. 075.889677
cell. 393.9262469

A.S. Equi-Jumping
Loc. Feccioli, 14 - Limiti di Spello (Pg)
tel. 338.7315231

A.S. Reining Horses
Via Govoni, 19 - Taverne di Corciano (Pg)
Tel. 075.6979147 – 347.5174486

A.S. Umbria Endurance Equestrian Team
Str. Vic. Le Corse - Ponte della Pietra (Pg)
Tel. 335.5696388

A.S.D. Le Cinischie
Str. S.Angelo - Collazzone (PG)
Tel. 320.8433535 – 075.8701175

A.S.D. Scuderia ValMarino
Via O.P.Baldeschi, 59 - Taverne di Corciano (PG)
Tel. e Fax 075.6978460
Il club ippico è aperto dal martedì al sabato (8:00 - 20:00)
e la domenica mattina (08:00 - 13:00).
Orario segreteria Mar-Sab 15.30/18.30
Billy Lombardi 335.8167953
Rachele Marcozzi 335.5611476

A.S.E. Horse Country
Via Gubbio, 5 - Bastia Umbra (Pg)
Tel. 075.8000883 - 328/3216591

Centro Equestre Trevi
Loc. La Chiesa - Coste di Trevi (Pg)
Tel. 333.4782763 – 328.2575496

Centro Equitazione La Schioppeta
Str. delle Treie, 50 - Narni (Tr)

Centro Equitazione New Club 2000
c/o Polisportivo S.Martino - Orvieto Scalo (Tr)
Tel. 0744.957485 – 347.3300396

Centro Ippico La Casella
Strada Casella, 4 - 05016 Ficulle (TR)
Tel. 0763.86588

Centro Ippico La Fornace
c/o Az. Agr. Vallemora, Via Oro - Panicale (Pg)
Tel. 075.832133 – 349.8769926

Centro Ippico La Somma
Loc. Aiacucigli (Montebibico) SPOLETO (PG)
Tel. 0743.54370 - 338.8247236

Centro Ippico Pian d'Isola
Loc. Pian d'Isola - Costacciaro (Pg)
Tel. 338.4584678 – 075.9170185

Centro Ippico Principato di Parrano
Loc. Casale dei Sassi - Parrano (Tr)
Tel. 0763.838022 – 393.3584477

Centro Ippico Regno Verde
Narni (TR)
Tel. 0744.743167

Centro Ippico San Pietro
Loc. Castagneto, 36 - S.Pietro a Monte - Città di Castello (Pg)
Tel. 340.3604735

Centro Ippico Valvasone
Via Case Sparse, 35
06063 Magione (PG)
Tel. 075.841529
Beniamino Capurso 393.7306823
Marina Canziani Piccinini 393.7241527

Circolo Ippico Macirillo
Loc. Macirillo - Cascia (Pg)
Tel. 347.3011760

Circolo Ippico San Giorgio
loc. Ponte Parrano - Nocera Umbra (Pg)
Tel. 0742.812349 – 339.3930460

Club Equestre Caldese
Lo. Celle, Voc.Caldese, Fraz. Lerchi - Città di Castello (Pg)
Tel. 075.8512113

Club Ippico Colleverde
Voc. Corno, 50 - Capocavallo (Pg)
Tel. 375.605858

Club Ippico Floretta
Strada di Collestacio, 31 - San Gemini (TR)
Tel. 349.8142096

Club Ippico Le Pistrine
Via Roma - Fraz. Pisrtrino - Citerna (Pg)
Tel. 075.8579021

Club Ippico Orvietano
Loc. La Cacciata, 6 bis - Orvieto (Tr)
Tel. 0763.301346

Club Ippico S.Egidio
Via dell'Areoporto, 16 - Ospedalicchio (Pg)
Tel. 075.8011637 – 333.2138506

Equitazione Calledro
Str. Calledro - Gualdo di Narni (TR)
Tel. 0744.742229 – 347.3211843

Faula Arabs Gubbio
Loc. Fontecese - Fraz. S.Marco - Gubbio (Pg)
Tel. 075.9272315 – 347.3681792

Ippogrifo Club
Strada Fabrianese, 14 - Ripa (Pg)
Tel. 075.602764 – 348.7995873

Natura & Cavallo
Loc. Strigaia - Paciano (Pg)
Tel. 329.7924783

Polo Grande Slam
Loc. Podere Comunale - Fraz. Macchie
05022 Amelia (TR)
Tel. 0744.987001
Cell. 393.9262469

Pony Club Poggiolo
Voc. Poggiolo, 11/a - Castiglione della Valle (PG)
Tel. 075.8787017 – 349.5853893

Pony Club S.Angelo
Via S. Angelo, 5 - Amelia (Tr)
Tel. 328.1130136

Rancho Allegro
Loc.Fonte - Fraz.Spina - Marsciano (Pg)
Tel. 347.6219794

Scuderia del Biancospino
Via Bastia, 38 - Loc.Brufa - Torgiano (Pg)
Tel. 329.3507680

Scuderia della Staffa
Via dei Montemelini, 2 - Magione(Pg)
Tel. 393.3304026

Scuderia la Torre
Via Entrata, 44/B - Torgiano (Pg)
Tel. 075.9880759 – 335.5864541

Società Ippica Foligno
Voc. Spineto - Spello (PG)
Tel. 0742.651820 – 393.9982481

Spoleto Country Club
Via Brignone, 1606049 Spoleto (PG)
tel. 0743.48879
cell. 347.9700850

Umbria Equitazione
Via Adige, 7 - S.Giustino (Pg)
Tel. 335.6944001

Un cavallo per amico A.S.D.
Via del Maglio, 6 - 05100 Terni
Tel. 347.6179103

Wilde Horse
Via Cacciano - Fraz. san Lorenzo - Monteleone d'Orvieto (Tr)
Tel. 348.5286169

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