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ITINERARIES - Guided tours and itineraries in Umbria

Umbria’s licensed tourist guides are all members of the G.A.I.A. (Guide, Accompagnatori, Interpreti Turistici Associati) tourist guides and interpreters association. Many speak several languages fluently and are both highly experienced and qualified, frequently specialised in certain fields such as history, art history, archaeology, religious tourism. These people are here to provide you with that added value and knowledge of the churches, sanctuaries, museums and sights of Umbria.

Archaeological, wine and food itineraries, etc

As a further guarantee of the professionalism and competence of its associates, G.A.I.A. runs refresher and updating courses for all its guides at regular intervals.

Our licensed guides all have considerable experience working with major travel agencies, tour operators, cultural associations, schools and individual tourists, all in close collaboration with local authorities and cultural heritage preservation organisations.

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Piazza del Comune
Palazzo dei Priori - Arco dei Priori
ASSISI - Italy
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ASSOGUIDE Umbrian tourist guides association
Visit Umbria with one of our guided tours.

ASSOGUIDE is Umbria’s leading guided tours agency.

Medieval cities, ancient hamlets, castles and abbeys, Etruscan and Roman remains – Umbria has a wealth of history to offer its visitors, all set against some of Europe’s finest countryside and with qualified regional guides to ensure you get the most out of the experience.

All our 53 guides are officially registered with the Umbrian tourist board and offer guided tours in a total of thirteen foreign languages.

Among the guides there are archaeologists, art historians, museum tour specialists, religious and pilgrimage itinerary specialists and experts in the folklore, traditions, wine and food of Umbria.
Constant updating and refresher courses ensure that the professional services of our guides remain of the highest standards.

Our special deals with shuttle bus rental firms will give you access to places otherwise inaccessible by coach or bus.

Via Dono Doni, 18
06081 ASSISI (PG)
+39 075.815229

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