Informazioni turistiche su HANDICRAFT, Umbria

HANDICRAFT - Ceramics in Umbria Art and Tradition

Ceramics production in Umbria dates back to the 13th century and remains the region’s best known craft export to date, with various towns each sporting their own distinctive styles and designs. These include Deruta, Gualdo Tadino, Gubbio and Orvieto, as well as Umbertide with its characteristic black glazing and Città di Castello, known for its heraldic decorations and relief work.

With a soil so rich in clay, the popularity of pottery production in Umbria is understandable, with many other towns and villages across the region – including some that had previously been known chiefly for their production of bricks – recently setting up flourishing ceramic and majolica workshops that have proved particularly successful at preserving regional traditions whilst adapting to the innovations required by contemporary market trends.

Regional museums of interest:
 Orvieto: Claudio Faina archaeological museum and the Museo Civico
 Deruta: Museo Regionale della Ceramica
 Gualdo Tadino: Museo Civico Rocca Flea
 Gubbio: Museo Civico

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