Informazioni turistiche su HANDICRAFT, Umbria

HANDICRAFT - The Ceramics of Deruta

The ceramics of Deruta, a small town clinging to a hilltop, are world renowned. The origin of this production dates as far back as the Etruscans, and fine ceramics were produced here in the Middle Ages. But it was during the Renaissance that the art of Deruta reached its maximum splendor, admired and sought after by the nobles of all of Europe.

Refined decorations and colours (gold, cobalt, white glaze) embellished the "piatti da pompa", plates used for special occasions, the "coppe amatorie", the gift of love on which female figures and romantic inscriptions were painted, and the exquisite floor tiles.

Following centuries of decline, the ceramic tradition began to flourish again in the 20th century, and now involves numerous workshops. This led to the establishment of the Deruta School of Ceramics and the Regional Ceramics Museum, which exhibits objects from the Middle Ages to the present, but the highlight is the majolica floor of the Church of San Francesco.

A short distance from Deruta is the village of Ripabianca, known for its glazed terrecotta produced according to centuries-old methods.

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