Informazioni turistiche su Piegaro, Umbria

Piegaro - Ecce Homo Procession in Piegaro

Piegaro (Pg). The Friday of Easter Ecce Homo procession in Piegaro has as its fulcrum an 18th century wooden statue of Jesus that is revered by the locals. The procession starts from the Church of the Crocetta and runs through the entire old town centre, which is lit only by torches, until it reaches Via Po’ della Fratta. Hooded and robed in black, members of the Confraternita della Morte open the procession, with one person bearing a heavy black Cross. These are followed by members of the Confraternita del Sacramento in white robes and red hoods, who bear the statue and the baldachin. Starting time: 9pm. Info: 075.835891, 075.9652484, e-mail

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