Informazioni turistiche su PERUGIA, Umbria

PERUGIA - The Route of the Four Bell Towers

The Four Routes
1st section: San Marco - Santa Maria di Cenerente (20-30 minutes). 1.8 kilometres. From the churhc of San Marco, take the road towards Torrione. After roughly 500 metres take the provinciale road where you will shortly see the bell tower of Santa Maria di Cenerente to your right.

2nd section: Santa Maria di Cenerente - San Lorenzo di Rabatta. (60-80 minutes). 4.2 kilometres. Take the tarmacked strada provinciale Forcella until you reach the "La macina dell'Oscano" farm. The crenellated towers of the castle of Oscano are visible high up on the right. A small fountain with excellent drinking water is a little further on, on the left hand side. After a few hundred metres you will reach the turning for Rabatta, where you should turn right onto the dirt road that leads to the village and church of San Lorenzo di Rabatta, after crossing the Oscano river.

3rd section: San Lorenzo di Rabatta - Sant'Orfeto. (80-100 minutes). 4.3 kilometres. From Rabatta take the road towards the cemetary, with an iron cross by the roadside to the left. After the cemetary on the right, the roads runs through a wood of oaks, broom, juniper, strawberry tree and a variety of other plants. The last section of road runs through chestnuts before joining the road that leads to the castle of Oscano. After a further 200 metres through Mediterranean scrub, the tarmacked road begins again, running alongside a number of scattered houses and villas. After a further 200 metres, turn left at the crossing and continue for another 500 metres until you reach the next crossing with the 'Strada della Perotta'. Turn right and continue a little further until you get to a crossing with a large oak at the centre. A bar indicates the path to follow from here, until you reach the church of Sant'Orfeto.

4th section: Sant'Orfeto - San Marco (20-30 minutes). 1.2 kilometres. Coming back dopwn on the opposite side you will reach the tarmacked road near the crossing between the Strada Comunale di Montepacciano and the Strada Comunale dei Conservoni. The church of San Marco si a little further on.

Events in the Land of the Four Bell Towers
First ten days of April: 'La via antica dell'acqua Il Conservone vecchio', four days of music, sounds, images, tales, memories, picnics on the grass near water springs. Second half of May: 'La Pieve di Santa Fermina' (Pievuccia). Although not many, once a year the inhabitants of Pieve wake up for the feast of St Fermina

Second half of June: St Orfeto. Traditional feast of the patron of SanMarco. The statue of St Mark is borne in a nocturnal procession from the small church in the hills where it is normally kept to the village church of San Marco, where it remains for a week before returning to its normal home.
Last Sunday in June – second Sunday in July. The celebrations of the Jubilee of the Holy Cross, every 25 years. The celebrations have been running since 1891 and include a number of cultural events as well as the obvious religious functions.

Second half of August: Santa Lucia (fraz. Santa Lucia). Traditional SPAGHETTI FESTIVAL

Mid September. Itinerary of the Four Bell Towers. A walking and cycling race spanning two days. Ideal for getting a taste of the architectural and natural wonders of the area. Traditional products tasting, meetings on nature, farming and biological farming.

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