Informazioni turistiche su Norcia, Umbria

Norcia - Local Produce: Norcineria

Tradition has it that after the destruction to Jerusalem a number of Jews arrived in the Valnerina area bringing with them their expert knowledge on how to cure pork, given that for religious reasons they were forbidden to eat the animal and therefore needed to preserve it for trade.

Since then, salting and seasoning of ham, capocollo and sausages has become a speciality of the inhabitants of Norcian hence the name ”norcineria” that is used for these goods throughout Italy.

As well as an excellen prosciutto crudo, Norcia still produces capocollo, spallette, lonze, pancette and guanciali. The so-called insaccati, meaning all cured meat that uses the animal's intestine as an exterior cover, such as salame and sausages, include salami ciauscoli, coppe and salsicce, also made from boar meat.

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